Eliminate the Symptoms of Hemorrhoidal Disease and start getting back to your active lifestyle.

How Treatment Works

Finally, there’s a quick, easy and pain relief alternative to hemorrhoid surgery. Ultroid®, a national health and wellness company focused on treating hemorrhoidal disease (HD) is partnering with “patient focused” physician practice groups to offer this non-surgical procedure. Following treatment, patients are able to return to their usual activities the same day.

Experienced Physicians Offering Compassionate Care

Certified Ultroid® practitioners utilize a proprietary and exclusive procedure to treat hemorrhoids by gently applying a painless low level electrical current to the problematic hemorrhoid. The treatment causes a natural chemical reaction (or ligation) within the blood vessel which triggers the body into beginning a process of healing itself. With its blood flow interrupted, the hemorrhoid continues to shrink during the 7 to 10 days following treatment. As it shrinks, pain and symptoms are relieved. In many cases the patient begins to feel relief immediately following the procedure.

The Ultroid® convenient and non-invasive procedure:

• No preparation

• No anesthesia

• No hospital stay

• In office procedure

• 10 minute treatment

• Resume normal activities same day

• Most patients need only one treatment for a single hemorrhoid

• Approved by all major insurance companies, Medicare and Workers’ Compensation


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