Evaluated in thousands of patients

Proven efficacy on all four grades of symptomatic bleeding or prolapsed internal and mixed hemorrhoids.

Mean patient follow-up at 10-14 days showed most treated hemorrhoids become completely asymptomatic.

Leaves no visible ulceration or scarring

Low milliamp modality
Complete system includes non-conductive reusable anoscope.
Sterile, disposable probes eliminate the potential of disease transmission

All electrical connections are isolated for maximum protection

No special patient preparation

No sedation or anesthetic required

Comfortable handle displays vital information while permitting fingertip operation

Compact, portable unit can be used in any clinical setting

Well tolerated procedure

Less invasive procedure eliminates fear of surgical intervention

Kit includes physician instructional and patient education video


The Ultroid Complete Management System is  Contraindicated for the following patients who are...

*   Pregnant

*  Using implants (pacemaker/defibrillator)

*  Subject to a bleeding disorder

*  Undergoing anticoagulant therapy

*  Suffering from an active local infection

*  Suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (e.g., Crohri's Disease)

*  Immunosuppressed

*  Lower abdominal, lower quadrant transplant patients

*  Suffering from Thrombosed Hemorrhoids