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Press Releases

Ultroid® Press Releases.

Type Description
Asian Markets Expanding for Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment
PDF: 41KB.  February 13, 2007
Money Man Joins Growing Medical Manufacturer
PDF: 42KB.  February 5, 2007
Asian Markets Welcome Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment
PDF: 41KB.  January 22, 2007
Legal Eagle Accepts Presidential Post of Expanding Medical Corp.
PDF: 41KB.  January 19, 2007
World’s Largest Market Opens to “Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment”
PDF: 41KB.  January 19, 2007
Google, Yahoo, MSN Leader Registers “Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment” Ultroid Service Mark Tops Searches on Big Three
PDF: 35KB.  January 10, 2007
BellSouth Yellow Pages Group President Joins Hemorrhoid Treatment Leader
PDF: 39KB.  January 3, 2007
Cases are on the Rise Claims Texas Doc Using Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment
PDF: 34KB.   December 19, 2006
Major Health Industry Rep Grabs "Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment"
PDF: 34KB.  December 11, 2006
Former Mayor Joins Ultroid’s “Blue Chip” Board of Advisors
PDF: 28KB.  December 8, 2006
“Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment” Tops Google, Yahoo and MSN Searches
PDF: 32KB.  November 30, 2006
“Getting to the Bottom” of Problem Helps Tampa Doctor Expand Practice
PDF: 29KB.  November 24, 2006
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