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Reasons for considering Ultroid

Some Important Reasons for Considering the Ultroid ® Hemorrhoid Management System

  • Ultroid ® is The Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment because the base of internal and mixed hemorrhoids is found in an area without nerve endings located above the “dentate line.” Treatment here is painless.
  • There is no pre-procedure preparation.
  • Ultroid ® treats internal and mixed hemorrhoids.
  • Ultroid ® treats Grades I, II, III and some Grade IV hemorrhoids.
  • Ultroid ® is done in the doctor’s office.
  • There is no anesthesia required.
  • There is no hospitalization.
  • Ultroid ® is a six-to-12 minute treatment.
  • Ultroid ® uses a minute electric current (two-16 milliamps) to cause the salt water in the body’s cells to dissociate and then recombine to form a caustic sodium hydroxide solution which causes the cells within the hemorrhoid to dissolve leaving a liquid that is naturally reabsorbed by the body.
  • There is no burning (lasers), no heat at all. There are no rubber bands or staples. Finally, there is no cutting.
  • The patient is able to leave the doctor’s office without pain and resume normal daily activities directly after the Ultroid ® procedure.
  • Patients often report immediate relief after one Ultroid ® treatment.
  • There are no post-procedure check-ups with Ultroid ®
  • In more than 30,000 cases, Ultroid ® has had no history of direct or secondary infection associated with the procedure.
  • The use of Ultroid ®’s disposable, sterile, single-use probe kit prevents reuse and associated threats of cross-contamination.
  • Multiple treatments are associated with higher grade hemorrhoids and the quantity of sites needing treatment.
  • Ultroid ® is FDA-cleared.
  • Ultroid ® is honored by Medicare and most major insurers.
  • Ultroid ® is used by general practitioners, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, surgeons, DOs etc.
  • Ultroid ® is a simple procedure that allows for efficient training times.
  • Some states allow trained medical assistants, physician’s assistants and nurses to apply the Ultroid ® procedure with doctor supervision.
  • 50% of people over the age of 50 suffer from hemorrhoids. As many as 80% of us will suffer with this painful disease in our lifetimes.
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