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Hemorrhoid disease is a major problem in society, today.                                              Don't suffer in silence there is a Painless, Non-Surgical, and Convenient Solution.        The Ultroid Hemorrhoid Management System treats hemorrhoids safely and effectively.  You are not alone!   Hemorrhoid Relief is a Phone Call Away!

  • The cost for treating symptomatic hemorrhoids has increased by 23% to $1.2 Billion.
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  • Approximately 45 million Americans above the age of 45 have symptomatic hemorrhoid disease.
  • Most Americans suffer in silence, delaying medical treatment an average of  9 years.
  • The vast majority of Americans are unaware of painless, non-surgical, safe and effective treatments for hemorrhoid disease.
                 Sources: U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality






Pain Free • Non Surgical • Minimally Invasive • FDA Recognized • Covered by Medicare and Insurance •


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