Treatment Description

The procedure is simply performed using the Ultroid system.  There is no special preparation--a fact patient’s appreciate.

As a noninvasive procedure, there are no anesthetics. Sedation is not required.  It is painless and, in most cases, rapidly performed without difficulties.  Post patient interviews indicate an easy acceptance of the process.

As in most instances where patients are dealing with an unknown, education is a relieving asset. Educational materials are available.

Ultroid ‘s value to the patient is in knowing relief can be attained rapidly.  Our staff’s experience is unexcelled.  Be confident. Get to know the team.
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Newest Ultroid Clinic opens in Missouri

Missouri physician, Robert Theobald has been performing hemorrhoidectomies for several years. “I still do,” he says, “but now far less than ever before since most procedures can be done using the Ultroid product.”

His clinic is in

Office Locations

Clinics using exclusive Ultroid               products and methods are now located in       more than 3 states,     nationwide.
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Kirksville, MO, a college town near the Illinois and Iowa borders.  “It is filling a need that until now was considered something most people would put off or completely avoid rather than experience the pain, downtime and expense,” he says. “Above all,” he adds, “it was never something you told your friends about.“ 

But now, the
Ultroid procedure seems to have made some sincere converts according to Dr. Theobald.  “Word-of-mouth advertising--where one patient gladly tells a friend--has been keeping our phones busy.”

Since its inception, the
Ultroid method has gained popularity with doctors and clinicians wherever it has been introduced.  But until very recently, that exposure has been limited to a very narrow group of doctors in a small portion of the United States.  According to Lee Snyder, marketing analyst, Ultroid ‘s latest marketing improvements have allowed for an expanded venue with markets in Europe (six planned), Asia (four planned) and Australia (two planned for Sydney) as well as all of North America, Central and South America.  Snyder added, “It is literally revolutionizing hemorrhoidal procedures making invasive surgery for most people, obsolete.”

Ultroid is a technology that ensures safe and effective hemorrhoid treatment.
It has been clinically proven to be greater than 85% effective in treating grade I-III and some grade IV internal and mixed symptomatic bleeding or prolapsed hemorrhoids.

The procedure is simple to use and requires no special patient preparation. It is well tolerated and requires no sedation or anesthetic. The system includes patient education and physician instructional videos, all instrumentation to perform hemorrhoid therapy and insurance coding information.


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