provides easy-to-understand video instruction of the complete

Ultroid Simple and safe. Painless and easy. No more surgery. No more lengthy recovery time. Medicare approved. HMO compliant. Call 727/865-1929 or e-mail for details.

Disposable probes ensure a safe, sterile and effective procedure.  One-time-use means no more time-consuming sterilization procedures or checking of previously used equipment for effectiveness. Use it once and be certain of its quality. 


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Instructional Video or CD

Sterile, Disposable Probes

Power Generator

Control Handle and Generator

Easy treatment in both horizontal and vertical positions.
Horizontal placement for lateral hemorrhoids.   Vertical placement for hemorrhoids located on the anterior or posterior wall. 1.5mm exposed tips reduce chance of over penetration.  Sterile, disposable probes are insulated for maximum safety.

Main Power Generator.  Quick, easy, efficient


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The compact control handle is the data center that allows accurate treatment of the hemorrhoid. Ergonometrically designed for comfortable, single-handed use, it has easily manipulated fingertip controls that permit accurate current delivery.  The easy-to-read digital display monitors current flow in both milliamps and time.

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Hemorrhoid therapy a better way