Fiber consumption is a lifestyle, not a temporary change.

Recent studies have shown diets high in fiber may decrease the chances for some types of cancer and a diet with a good fiber intake decreases the need for corrective hemorrhoidal procedures.
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“My rectal bleeding and itching are totally gone. I’m very happy.” —L.B., Brooklyn, NY

“Your treatment has allowed me to avoid a surgical Operation.” —E.T., Clermont, FL

“Thank you for the wonderful care you gave me. The treatment was painless.” —M.T., Daytona Beach, FL

“I feel like a new man!” —D.N., Orlando, FL

“Thank you so much. My bleeding and pain are gone. I feel so much better.” —N.P., Oviedo, FL

“After the second treatment, I had no symptoms (of hemorrhoids). During and after the treatment, I had no pain.” Tony, Orlando, FL

There is no better way of judging the procedure than to hear from those who have experienced it.  The ULTROID method is an out-patient procedure that is safe and painless. There is no down time, no hospitalization. Here is what a few of our patients have to say.


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Hemorrhoid therapy a better way