When it comes to patient care, physical and financial comfort are key elements to success.  Just mentioning “hemorrhoid surgery” to a patient brings a wincing, troubled look.  Now, you can assure your patients with confidence that the procedure is painless, quick and easy without concern for recurrence

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Ultroid affiliates include practices in several major cities.  Call us at (727) 865-1929 or e-mail us at info@Ultroid.com for more information on the availabilty of clinic sites near you.
of the problem.   Ultroid provides a safe, effective outpatient alternative to invasive surgery. No extended hospital stays or expensive operating room procedures. We’ll even help explain how it works with a video your patient can take home to view.

More clinics are acquiring the Ultroid system. It is making hemorrhoid surgery obsolete.  With 50% of the U. S. population 50-and-over experiencing hemorrhoid difficulties, is it any wonder Ultroid is in demand?

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