• Get Back To The Activities You Love Most
  • Fun Doesn't Have To Wait!
  • Why Suffer?
  • Ultroid Is A 10-15 Minute Procedure
  • Get Back To Your Routine Quickly!
  • Get Back To The Activities You Love
  • Consult With Your Physician
  • The Ultroid® Advantage

    The Ultroid® System is a painless, convenient, non-surgical alternative Hemorrhoidal treatment performed in a doctor's office.

    • No anesthesia
    • No preparation
    • Quick: about 10 minutes
    • Rapid relief
    • Proven: safe & effective for over 20 years
    • Reimbursable
    • No recovery time
    • Non-invasive


  • Common Causes of Hemorrhoids

     Some occupations and health conditions are more likely than others to contribute in hemorrhoids (bundles of swollen veins):

    • Pregnancy & Childbirth
    • Constipation & Diarrhea
    • Prolonged Toilet Sitting
    • Straining (heavy lifting)
    • Poor Diet
    • Frequent straining with bowel movement


  • Why Ultroid®?

    The Ultroid® Hemorrhoid Management System
     offers a unique solution to hemorrhoids. Instead of topical creams or the painful recovery of hemorrhoid surgery, the Ultroid® System is a quick, easy, painless and proven solution for HD. After treatment, you can expect life as usual with relief from HD symptoms, and most people return to their usual daily activities on the day of treatment. Some HD symptoms could be an indication of more serious medical conditions, so talking to your doctor is important.

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